Preparing your AC Unit for Autumn

So, we’re finally into September meaning summer is officially over.

Right now, you may be thinking about what you will need to do now that the temperature is dropping and former long summer days are shortening.

Below, are some tips from BMS – one of the well-known Industrial Air Conditioning Companies in Midlands, which should maneuver around an AC Unit repair.

If you have a window AC unit, your only required maintenance is to take the unit from the window, ensure that it is clean – if not, clean it, and continue to clean the filters if necessary.

Regarding central units, you will need to replace your filters. Spend time looking for new filters and swapping them out with your old ones – this will save you money on repairing your air con. If you leave a dirty filter in the system, this is likely to lead to clogging later on as dirt particles will cling to the filter and build grime.

Ensure that you inspect you system thoroughly and that nothing is damaged is broken. Be sure to clean the outdoor HVAC unit, also.

After you have switched off the central AC unit, make sure that you cover it. To do this, you can use plastic or vinyl to protect it from the coming harsh elements.

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