5 Quick and Easy Alternatives to Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Midlands

We’ve made a quick guide for you to learn all of the ventilation know-how that goes a long way towards keeping your cool and helping you save money.

Turning back the years

Before you decide to turn up your air conditioning unit this summer, opt for good old-fashioned ventilation first. Circulating the air can in itself make your home feel cooler.


If your area of residence has cooler nights, keep your windows closed during the day. If your home is well-insulated, it should only heat up roughly a degree each hour. Opening windows will circulate cool evening and early morning air. You could also kick-start some cross ventilation by opening windows on the opposite side of the house.

Cooling features

Homes that have vented skylights, attic vents, or clerestory window are able to create what is dubbed a thermosiphon. Hot air that escapes from the top of the house will pul the warm air with it from the remainder of the house and cooler air through lower windows, thus creating a constant cool flow.

You could alternative install an attic fan to achieve the same result.

Minimising indoor heat

You can minimise the heat that is generated inside your house by using your oven, dryer and dishwasher in in the morning or evenings.

Use window fans

If you’re still having trouble getting the air moving, there is always the option of the window fan!