Does air conditioning cause sore throats?

The simple answer is no. There may be a link between air conditioning and getting a sore throat but it isn’t a causation. Air conditioning can be a breeding ground for bacteria and for infestation but with these clever ideas on how to maintain the system, it should not be an issue.

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There are two main ways in which infestation can occur

The first is poor installation, which can then lead to sparse air circulation, subsequently leading to the air conditioning system to breed infection. However, this is easily remedied by thinking through the design and planning before installation, this is as well as installing a specifically designed system that can handle the airflow and quantity of the building of which it is being installed in.

The second is poor maintenance, which can lead to dirt building up in the air filters and for mould to appear and to breed. This is also easily remedied by replacing air filters regularly and to have the whole system maintained by the manufacturer regularly.

Other factors that you may need to also think about:-

Just by occasionally opening the windows or leaving the vent control open, you can have adequate air exchange between the home and the outside world, which will ensure you don’t create an environment that is stagnate and can breed infection.

Excessively using the system can lead to the aridity environment, which can trigger the throat to feel sore or for someone to feel ill in general. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to not run the system when it isn’t necessary, to perhaps run a humidifier (to get more moisture into the air), to open the windows for a little amount of time and to remain well hydrated.

Another way to help combat airborne bacteria is to add some indoor plants to your work space. An office plant, for example, can maintain humidity and remove toxins in the air to prevent the risk of illness or general irritations.

Most of the time illness from an air conditioning system is because of human error and can be easily avoided with sufficient ventilation and maintenance. If you would like more advice on the matter or would like someone to design you a system that is sufficiently ventilated to suit a particular venue, then please get in touch by either emailing us on or by calling us on 01455552209.