Buying an AC Unit

Air conditioning is becoming a common feature in offices and shops, leading to the increase of AC units sought after for homes.

What comes into question is which air conditioner should be bought. There are a number of factors that come into play with choosing the right AC Unit – there are essentially two main types of air conditioners available; single-unit models that are portable and will need to be vented through a window or door, and split-unit models that are permanently fixed to a wall.

Single-unit model

A single-unit or portable air conditioner, will often be easier to install, be a fairly cheap fix for cooling your home and allows the hot air to vent out through a hose, allowing it to be moved from room to room.
However, there are disadvantages that can become apparent such as venting the hose through an open window could potentially pose a security risk; portable air conditioners are not as effective at cooling compared to split-unit models – they will quickly get hot and leak heat back into the room; some models can be heavy, so ensure your chosen unit isn’t too heavy for you to lift comfortably and that the hand-holds are easy to grip.

Split-unit model

The advantages of acquiring a split-unit air conditioner come as follows: ideal for a room that often becomes too hot, a secure way of air conditioning your home – no need to leave windows open, quieter and more efficient that single-unit models, along with being more powerful than a single unit.
Among advantages come disadvantages such as the cost, it will be a larger amount than a single-unit model and a split-unit model will need to be mounted on an outside wall and may require a professional to install it.

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