Different types of air conditioning units

Temperature controls enable us to alter the productivity of an air conditioner to our comfort level.

There are different types of AC units, and when choosing an air conditioning system consider your comfort criteria, the number of occupants and the size of the area it will be used to cool.


Window air conditioners are mostly designed to serve small rooms with a limited number of occupants. It comes with basic air conditioning components like the compressor unit and the condenser. It is designed to be mounted on walls and windows. The window air condition is designed so that the front is projected into the inside of the room, and the back vice versa.


Split AC Units contain the basic components such as the compressor, condenser, and the expansion valve. Split units only have two sections, one inside the home and the other section facing the outside, just like the window units. The power consumption of split units ranges from 2kw to 8kw. They are suitable to use in small to medium sized rooms as they are made to cool larger spaces than window units.

These can be mounted on the wall or floor.


The central residential air conditioning unit uses an indoor handler unit, otherwise referred to as AHU. The AHU has the responsibility if drawing air through the return ducts. It then cools the air by passing the air into an evaporator coil. The cooled air inside the evaporator coil is returned back into the living unit through the supply ducts. This particular air conditioner is made for use in large buildings with many occupants.


Packaged air conditioners are used to cool bigger spaces than wall units or split type air conditioners. The compressor of the packaged air conditioner could be air or water cooled. They run smoother and are quieter than many similar units in size. They are also deemed environmentally sound and operate efficiently. They have variable speed controls and cost less than other types of air conditioners in its class.