Everything You Need to Know About HVAC Maintenance

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems or HVAC systems are essential to allowing comfortable living and work environments.

There are some HVAC units that are small and relatively simple in design, such as those found in houses and apartments. Others are large, complex machines that heat up and cool down large factories, buildings, schools, and hospitals. Your regular HVAC maintenance is essential to make sure that the units don’t break down and that they operate at maximum efficiency.

It is often simple for anyone to perform easy HVAC maintenance tasks themselves on smaller units simply by following the manual guidelines, however, larger systems will require the aid of a skilled mechanic.

Those that live in apartments and houses will need to inspect their HVAC units every couple of months to ensure they are working properly. The owner’s manual will often include simple preventive maintenance checklists with helpful instructions and, usually, diagrams. The handbook will include the tools you will need and their explanations; everything that is needed to remove the covers and identify internal parts.

Simple acts of turning off the power source, removing metal guards and casings, and wiping away the dust on everything it covers will make a big impact on the performance of the unit. Additionally, many of the home HVAC units will be equipped with replaceable fiberglass, charcoal, or carbon fiber air filters – these should be changed in accordance to the owner’s manual specifications.

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