Does air conditioning cause sore throats?

The simple answer is no. There may be a link between air conditioning and getting a sore throat but it isn’t a causation. Air conditioning can be a breeding ground for bacteria and for infestation but with these clever ideas on how to maintain the system, it should not be an issue.

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Air conditioning benefits

The purpose of an air conditioning unit is to provide a comfortable environment to work in throughout the seasons.

Naturally, you would expect AC Units to possess many benefits because of their purpose. An AC Unit can have either of the two functions to heat or to cool. A majority of the newer models will have a smart changeover switch where you can set the temperature and the unit will swap from cooling or heating as needed, alone.

Another benefit is air purification; again, many modern units will have an anti-fungus filter which will catch any allergy-causing mites, smoke particular and odours that may be in the air.

We’ve approached summer and soon the outside air will begin to reach uncomfortable levels, your home will begin to become warmer than the outside temperature. When an AC Unit is installed, the temperature can quickly be reduced to much more comfortable level.

Air can be recirculated through the filters in the air conditioning unit and will trap any dust and pollen which is a great benefit for those that suffer from allergies.

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Your AC unit

Central AC units are effective at cooling a home efficiently, providing that much-needed relief from that stuffy heat, come Spring/Summer time.

Although, your AC unit will only work well if the parts are kept clean and in a functional condition.
You will need to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner so to keep the operating sufficiently.

Dirty filters will rob air flow and decrease the unit’s performance. Along with dirty filters, another energy waster is a dirty condenser coil.
If your AC unit is outside, it will likely collect the dirt the wind is blowing, thus the condenser coil becoming dirty which will not allow the sufficient airflow through the coil, therefore the refrigerant won’t be cooled as quickly, leading to a low efficiency.

Fan blades on the condenser fan or the squirrel cage fan inside that are damaged or unclean will eventually begin to vibrate and restrict the air flow.
Damaged or bent blades are what causes the vibration and will shorten the life of your motor. Build up of dirt and grime on the fan blades can also cause the vibration and restrict the air flow.

To see to these issues, your initial step would be to turn off the power to the AC unit and the outside condenser. You can then proceed to pick apart the condenser for a thorough clean.
To clean the coils, use a hose with a spray attachment and rinse.
When cleaning a blower fan, it is advised to call a professional to handle the job as they will be skilled in this area and have more expertise about the maintenance.

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