How can I maintain my AC unit in Autumn?

What can you do to ensure the health of your AC unit in Autumn?

As the cooler weather comes to great us, it’s no surprise that the AC unit in your home, office or work place will get a well deserved break. After you’re done using your AC unit for some time, it’s a good idea to prepare for winter in order to minimise any potential damages. By doing regular maintenance of your air con, you’ll be doing yourself a favour: regular fixes of the unit will extend its life and boost its efficiency output. Not treating your AC the right way can cause considerable costs to your pocket, so in this blog, we’ll give some priceless tips on how you can prepare your air conditioning unit for winter.

Maintaining the AC filters

The most important part of your air conditioning is one of the most simple; the cleaning and replacement of filters. Doing this will ensure that the unit is running at 100% efficiency, as it allows the unit to operate in a clean, clear state. Having a dirty filters that’s causing blockages in your AC unit prevents sufficient airflow through the system, which will decrease the system’s overall level of efficiency. Like many things, if normal airflow becomes blocked, air that passes through the filter can carry dirt with it, which can cause damages the heat-absorbing ability of the unit. You should look to clean or replace (if necessary) the filters on your AC unit every couple of months throughout the cold weather.

Keeping the AC coils clear

It’s not unusual for both the condenser and evaporator coils on the AC to gather a considerable amount of dirt in the time they’re used. Using a clean filter will prevent your evaporator coil from getting dirty too quickly. Overtime, it’s normal for the coil to pick up dirt and this will insulate the coil, reducing airflow and minimising its ability to absorb heat in a proper manner. You can avoid this issue by checking your evaporator coil at least once a year.

Cleaning away the debris

In order to keep the AC unit flowing in a proper manner, you should attempt to keep dirt and debris away from your condenser unit. Potenital sources of blockages can be falling leaves, lawn mower debris and dryer vents. Try to keep the area around of the coil clean, simply by removing all debris and overgrown foliage.

Prepare for the winter

During the autumn months, you should try to completely remove and store away your portable AC unit or securely cover your AC unit in order to minimise damage. If you have an AC unit outside, you should try to cover it, as this will protect it from any debris and weathering perils that winter brings.

Use all of these handy tips to maintain and ensure the continued health of your air conditioning unit!

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