Saving Energy When Using Air Conditioning

As the weather eventually becomes warmer, using your air conditioning unit will be necessary.

In order for you to save energy while you’ll cooling off, we’ve listed a number of tips below for you to follow.

Night-time – In the late hours of the day, you will not require the AC Unit to work at full capacity – turn it down so it will be running less while you are sleeping.

Portable units and windows – Another great way to save energy is to invest in a portable cooler that will cool the room you are occupying. They use up to 50% less energy than a regular AC Unit.

Have your unit serviced – On some occasions, a quick maintenance check could be the only thing your AC Unit requires, however, many will benefit from a thorough cleaning.

Furniture rearrangement – Furniture placement actually plays a big role in potentially saving energy with air conditioning. If furniture proves to be an obstruction to any air conditioning vents, the back of a settee could be getting cooled rather than yourself.

78° – Running your AC Unit oat 78 degrees is a suitable level, similar to that of a car on cruise control. There is also the option of turning it another 5 degrees lower to save energy.

Home alone – When you are not home, attempt to turn the AC Unit to 85 with any windows and drapes securely shut. It may be warm when you return, however, the blinds/drapes will have kept out the sun as well as the heat not being so considerable thus the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the air.

Use a fan – With air conditioning units being the go to, we are forgetting that fans also do a wonderful job of keeping you cool. Using them to circulate the cool air means that you will not require too much being pumped into the room, not only that but having them as a backup is a great idea as they use left energy!

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